Nano Drone

"The Siri"
"The Small Inverted Retrosnub Icosicosidodecahedron, a uniform polyhedron. This shape is composed of 12 pentagrams and 100 triangles that all run through each other. It was constructed over the course of 5 months from 53 4x8 sheets of plywood cut into just over 3000 pieces, 5 lbs of screws, 100 feet of 1/2 inch steel rod, 1 quart wood glue, a chair with a pivot (to spin around on inside), lots of sweat, and several little cuts and scrapes. For more details visit here."

Tom Lechner
Tom Lechner Sculpture Gallery

"Sunrise No. 1 "
"This was done using Darkling Beetles (Family Tenebrionidae) as paint brushes. Kutcher loaded the beetles leg by leg with paint, and allowed them to scratch out this work on canvas. "
Steven Kutcher
Bug Art by Steven

"Portion of the hippocampus from a 'Brainbow' transgenic mouse. The multicolor 'Brainbow' labeling reveals neurons of the CA1 area and their dendrites (pointing downward). Confocal microscopy by Tamily A. Weissman. "

Harvard University

"Focal conic texture under polarized microscopy of the hexagonal columnar liquid crystalline phase formed by the self-complementary CGCGAATTCGCG DNA oligomer. "

Giuliano Zanchetta
University of Milan
Prof. Tommaso Bellini University of Milan
Prof. Noel Clark
Colorado University at Boulder

"Oily streaks texture under polarized microscopy of the chiral nematic liquid crystalline phase formed by the self-complementary CGCAATTGCG DNA oligomer. The alternate bright and dark "fingerprint" stripes between neighbouring uniform regions correspond to half the cholesteric pitch. "

Giuliano Zanchetta
University of Milan
Prof. Tommaso Bellini University of Milan
Prof. Noel Clark
Colorado University at Boulder

"Confocal Microscopy of dissociated brain cells."

Eileen J. Kennedy
Verdine Research Group
Harvard University

"Nano Combs"
"Micro-scale combs made from zinc oxide. These tiny combs were made inside a furnace at about 1250 degrees Celsius. Commercial zinc oxide powder, which was heated at about 1400 degrees Celsius, was used as the source material. This picture was taken inside a field emission gun scanning electron microscope at 1200x magnification."

Zhengwei Pan
Physics and Astronomy
Georgia University

"Dengue Virus plaque assay."
"The plaque assay is used to test the effect of small molecules on dengue virus titer. Each horizontal row represents a 10-fold dilution series of a virus stock that has been treated with an inhibitor. The white spots are each the result of a single virus particle propagating and killing host cells in its vicinity. "

Amy Wojciechowski
Grey Research Group
Yang Research Group
Harvard Medical School

"NanoCrystals 2"
"The artist created a nanosculpture by crystallization of Barium sulfonate on top of a polymer film. The structure was visualized with a Scanning Electron Microscope. The micrograph has been painted and manipulated digitally and the final image was printed on canvas with long-lasting (archival) inks. The depth and three dimensions achieved in NanoArt sets this process of electron imaging apart from traditional Photography, where images are created by photons(particles of light) rather than by electrons (electrically charged particles). The electrons penetrate deeper in the structure creating images with more depth, more natural 3D look than the photographic images."

Cris Orfescu
Cris Orfescu Gallery

"A Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Framework Composed of Dative Bond Junctions. The original presentation of this structure and related theoretical work is available here."

Damian Gregory Allis
Allis Gallery
Syracuse University

"Under Water Form"
"Acrylic on canvas."
Jim Fuess
Jim Fuess Art