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November News

November 27th
Pacific Nanotechnology Image of the Month

Thermoelectric materials are one key to energy savings (MIT, Dresselhaus Research Group)

Nanoparticles deliver drugs directly into tumors (MIT, Bhatia Research Group)

November 26th, 2007
Nanoscale Doping Via Chemistry (C&EN;, Javey Research Group)

November 18th
First Direct Images of Carbon Nanotubes Entering Cells (Porter Group, U. of Cambridge, The transmission electron microscope image below shows carbon nanotubes (dark areas) within a cell nucleus.

November 12th
Nanoparticle-embedded microcapsules hold promise for multiple medical uses(Bulte Lab, JHU)

MIT develops 'tractor beam' for manipulation of cells on silicon, check out the video, and here is an image of fifteen E. coli cells placed on a silicon chip to form the letters 'MIT' using a 'tractor beam' of light (Image by Lang and Appleyard, MIT)

November 9th
Martin T. Karplus (founder of CHARMM and the Karplus equation) will be giving a lecture on November 28th touching on nanomotors and other cellular machines.

November 8th
New laser nanoantenna shows unprecedented detail (Harvard Gazette)

November 7th, 2007
This is an interesting competition - the NanoArt 2007 International Online Competition. founded by artist/scientist Cris Orfescu will provide 3 high resolution monochromatic electron scans for competitors to choose from. The participating artists will have to alter this image in any artistic way to finish the artistic-scientific process and create a NanoArt work. The artists or scientists are encouraged to participate with their own image as long as this visualizes micro or nano structures.

This is really incredible - Lichtman's group in the Harvard MCB department has added color to neurons. Check out the New York Times "Brainbow" write up, as well as the slide show at HarvardScience. (Confocal Microscopy by Jean Livet)

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